Taking Junction Flight From Fellowship

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

So, the journey of Amal reached its ending. The last session of fellowship was probably the most emotional and memorable session as we all were saying goodbye to each other which was very hard to do. But it is so common and natural to say goodbye to the new HELLO. The last session started by showing gratitude or Thank you note to the PM and PA as they were the best supporters and facilitators throughout these three months.

Ma’am Fizza’s quick responses on WhatsApp help a lot to tackle the situations. The constructive feedback and productive sessions were so interactive which make me impressed as this was my first online experience. The breakout room activities, encounter sessions, online videos, everything was superb.

I learned so many things if I start mentioning them here it will become a list but I want to share about the most important skills which I showcase here are teamwork and working out of my comfort zone. As it was not easy for me to continue fellowship with the job, soon I decided to quit my job but after 2nd session, I realized that working out of my comfort zone is very important because success lies out of the box and I continued it with my job.

Here on the platform of Amal Academy my network or chain of people also elongated. I will stay connected with them on Facebook or Whatsapp.

Last but not least I would like to say Thank you to Amal Academy for such great experiences and new learnings with new examples and stories.